Winstrol v vs winstrol

Few steroids are safe for women to take due to the risk of virilization, or developing masculine traits. However, both Winstrol and Anavar have been shown to be equally safe for female users, as both have a very low risk of virilization. They both produce the cutting effects women want, and also help burn fat from problem areas very effectively. Each person reacts differently to steroids, so some women will have better results with Winstrol and others will notice greater improvement with Anavar. Just because the risk of virilization is low does not mean it isn’t possible. Women who do notice virilization while taking one of them may be able to avoid them by switching to the other one instead.

Winstrol is an anabolic steroid available in oral and injectable forms . Winstrol Depot  supplies the  injectable form . In both cases, the same active hormone affects the body in the same way. You should know that for pills, the hormone stanozolol was modified at the position of carbon 17, which is in fact a C17-alph (C17-aa). This structural change in the molecule is necessary for it to survive long enough after ingestion. Otherwise, it would be destroyed before it flows into the bloodstream. The  only negative side effect is that the steroid becomes more toxic to the liver . 
Winstrol v pills  are usually  10 mg or 50 mg.  In either case, the same stanozolol hormone is used, just at a different dosage.

Winstrol v vs winstrol

winstrol v vs winstrol


winstrol v vs winstrolwinstrol v vs winstrolwinstrol v vs winstrolwinstrol v vs winstrolwinstrol v vs winstrol