What do i need to take with tren

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Hi there Mr. CK! I’m surprised no one caught this yet in the comments, but I think you have your numbers inverted in the section “So how much do I need to retire early?” The amount you need to save should be *less* for a lower withdrawal rate. Not a big deal, since most here are “with the program” and we get the concept. Just might be worth making a quick update or note to the post.
As a first time visitor, I’m super impressed by the space you’ve created here. Fresh content and inspiring. Keep it up!

Es muss nicht immer subjektiv zugehen! 
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What do i need to take with tren

what do i need to take with tren


what do i need to take with trenwhat do i need to take with trenwhat do i need to take with trenwhat do i need to take with trenwhat do i need to take with tren