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Made an order on the 22/09/17 for 5 bottles of test e 3 bottles of boldenone and 1 bottles of tren. I received all the test e, the wrong brand of tren and only one bottle of boldenone. when I got my package I straight away emailed [email protected] . I didn't received an email back after 2 days so I sent another. after another day had passed I tried to send one more but my email wouldn't go through ( because I had been blocked) I also emailed the other address they provide on the website but got nothing back so I gave up. I'm most annoyed because iv used the website for around 3/4 years and never had a problem that they didn't fix straight away. so now I'm having to use another website. great website and products just be careful because you may only receive abit of what you orded. be careful. Sam

Tren ace dbol test e

tren ace dbol test e


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