Testosteron propionat nuspojave

Testosterone esters were synthesized for the first time in 1936, and were found to have greatly improved potency relative to testosterone. [11] Among the esters synthesized, testosterone propionate was the most potent, and for this reason, was selected for further development, subsequently being marketed. [11] Testosterone propionate was introduced in 1937 by Schering AG in Germany under the brand name Testoviron. [6] It was the first ester of testosterone to be introduced, [12] and was the major form of testosterone used medically before 1960. [6] In the 1950s, longer-acting testosterone esters like testosterone enanthate and testosterone cypionate were introduced and superseded testosterone propionate. [12] Although rarely used nowadays due to its short duration, [13] testosterone propionate remains medically available and is still marketed in the United States . [6] [14]

Parasympathomimetics while the use of testosterone propionate side effects may increase the violation of AV conduction and increase the risk of bradycardia. Simultaneous use of the drug Bisangil beta-agonists (., isoprenaline, dobutamine) may reduce the effects of both drugs. testosterone propionate side effects combination with agonists affecting the beta- and alpha-adrenergic receptors (such as norepinephrine, epinephrine), may enhance the effects of vasoconstrictor agents occurring with alpha adrenergic receptors, resulting in an increase in blood pressure. Such interactions are more likely when using non-selective beta-blockers.

Testosteron propionat nuspojave

testosteron propionat nuspojave


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