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Hi I am 5 days post removal of my tonsils and adenoids. I am a 22 year old female and have been struggling with severe bouts of strep, tonsillitis and sinus infections over the past 10 years. I saw an ENT when I was 5 for sleep apnea and they recommended that I did not have my tonsils removed. However, after 6 months of sinus infections I went and saw an ENT again and they recommended that I have my tonsils and adenoids removed ASAP because the size of my tonsils were constituting my airways. On Tuesday at 8 am I went into surgery. I woke up feeling pretty loopy but with minimal pain compared to what I had expected after reading message boards. They kept me overnight due to oxygen issues and put me on liquids, Percocet and anti nausea meds. I was released the next day at 11 and sent home with Percocet. My boyfriend has been my primary caretaker (WHICH NO MATTER HOW OLD YOU ARE YOU NEED A BABYSITTER AFTER THIS SURGERY) he picked me up soups, Gatorade popsicles, apple sause and instant mashed potatoes. Due to the swelling I couldn’t get anything down but chipped ice, water and Gatorade. About 3 hours after returning from the hospital I started vomiting and didn’t stop for about 38 hours. Since I had nothing in my stomach I was purely throwing up stomach acid which was burning my incision sites. After this my doctor switched me to hydrocodon and a anti nausea medication. Continually, I have serious congestion which makes everything worse. I recommed spitting out your mucous so that it doesn’t bother your stomach. I woke up day 4 in intense pain, I began to pass out and throw up again at about 3 pm when my boyfriend took me to the ER. They told me I was clinically deyhdrated and extremely swollen and gave me liquids and more pain meds. I immediately threw these up 🙂

Two possibilities to mention:
1. If your skin is tender to touch and burning is not affected by body movements and different positions, then it can be shingles (Herpes zoster virus reactivation in one of the spinal nerves). Nausea can be also from shingles. This causes burning pain going like a stripe from the spine to the front. Often (but not always) rash appears after some time. Neurologist would tell you, if there is any available painkiler for your situation.
2. Bulging or herniated disc or some other disorder in your thoracic spine (osteoporosis, arthritis..) could cause pinched spinal nerve. This type of pain would be affected by different body positions and would not be tender to the slight touch. Again, neurologist could say more.

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