Test prop quad pain

Before flying, the flight controller needs to be programmed and calibrated. This is one of the easiest steps, but could potentially be the most dangerous. Always make sure the propellers are not installed before configuring the flight controller to avoid injury. On the KK2 board the first thing to do is the receiver test. This makes sure that each stick on the transmitter is changing the correct value on the flight controller. If you find that a stick input is making a backwards output on the controller, (for example, left on the aileron stick shows up as a right aileron input on the flight controller) you can reverse this channel on the transmitter.

I get intense shooting pains on the left side of my head, just above/around the ear, and I also have a very sore and stiff neck.
It sometimes feels like my heart beats irregularly and very hard.
I have dizzy spells and sometimes feel very foggy.
My legs and arms feel “weak”, not all the time, but frequently. My legs all the way up the thigh and down to my feet feels like they are tingling, the feeling you get just when your feet or legs fall asleep and then start to wake up, kind of an aching tingly feeling and it also feels like it hurts “inside the bones” in my legs.

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Test prop quad pain

test prop quad pain


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