Test prop kick start cycle

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So here’s hoping: (1) the forwards school an undercooked Australian pack, (2) off that platform, Price, Russell, Taylor and Dunbar dance through the Aussie defensive line at will, (3) Scotland’s rush defence forces handling error after handling error, resulting in three turnover tries, (4) Hughes & Tonks each catch one wayward cross-kick meant for Folau, but are otherwise completely uninvolved, (5) following a resounding away victory Mick Byrne calls Scotland “the All Blacks of the NH”, Russell, Gray, Watson, Nel and Strauss are immediately drafted into the Lions squad, meanwhile the Aussie media claim to have missed the game as they were all watching the AFC, (6) Sexton breaks both legs against the Maoris, putting him out of the rest of the tour, and the 2019 world cup, as the lions lose heavily again, (7) mid-week Steve Hansen refers to “Warrenball” three times, noting that Gatland still has only his arms up his sleeves, (8) Barclay’s latest column for the BBC is surprisingly gracious: “I might not have made it to NZ, but me and joker have found a lovely coffee shop on beach in Fiji”, (9) Biggar, AWJ and George North start the first test, but are on the receiving end of the largest ever Lions defeat, wiping tears from his eyes and downing another glass of Malbec, Eddie Jones states “the Lions are dead as a concept forever, fact”, (10) Rob Howley excuses himself from the tour due unspecified personal problems…, (11) Steve Hansen mentions “Warrenball” seven times in the run up to the second test, noting that Gatland still only has his arms up his sleeves, (12) under unprecedented pressure from Austin Healey, Will Greenwood and Gabby Logan, Gatland reverses his decision to play Rhys Webb at fly-half and Russell starts the second test (both Ian McGeechan and Gavin Hastings say Ford is better), (13) complex instructions to just get the ball to Davies are getting the better of Finn, but like Sam from Quantum Leap Greig appears at his side “forget that Gatland sh*te, go out there and pretend it’s Milbrae”, (14) unruffled by the Haka, Finn responds with a mean shuffle like he’s at a psytrance rave, before orchestrating a composed victory, sealed by a Toonie flip at the death to Seymour on the inside, and (15) The NZ fans still can’t name a single Lions player, but that bloke who used to cycle to Lincoln University has come on alright.

In fact, the aforementioned buildup of methane gas can cause what people in the industry call “ exploding casket syndrome ,” where the gas will literally blow the lids off of caskets and doors off of crypts. Some casket makers have added Tupperware-style “burping” features to their sealer models to release the accumulated gases. Harris spoke with a former cemetery owner who told him that those “protective” sealer caskets are “routinely unsealed after the family leaves … to relieve the inevitable buildup of gases within the casket.” Staff may also just leave the caskets unlocked, not engaging the seal to begin with, in an attempt to avoid those “fetid conditions inside the casket.”

Test prop kick start cycle

test prop kick start cycle


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