Test prop in your system

One question we get all the time is what do I need to do to keep my stainless or aluminum prop in optimum running condition. Other than not hitting something in the water, there is really not much to do. We always recommend removing the prop for overwintering, but that is to protect against theft and from someone hitting their shins on the prop blades when they get too close to your boat! General surface cleaning can be done to stainless if you want to maintain it's like-new shine, but even that is not necessary, A shiny prop is not measurably faster than one a little dulled by use. But it is critical any edge damage, dings, gouges, or bending of the blades be brought to the attention of a local prop repair specialist immediately. They have the tools and expertise to get your prop back in optimal condition. They are not so busy in the off season, so taking that prop for repair after your boat is tucked away is the perfect time to keep a local craftsman busy during the winter.

Nice build. Glad to see that you like it so much. I gotta say though, it’s huge! Any reason why you chose the size to be that large? The reason I ask is that originally it was thought that you should size according to the volume of water of the system. That was revised so that it was more based on the amount you feed per day, on average. So instead of 1 sq in of screen per gallon, it’s 12 sq in of screen per cube of food fed per day. It helps a lot because of space reduction, light reduction, easier to get a higher flow rate across a smaller screen, etc.

Test prop in your system

test prop in your system


test prop in your systemtest prop in your systemtest prop in your systemtest prop in your systemtest prop in your system