Is testosterone propionate liver toxic

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I would like to underline your mention that it is the oxidized oils that cause problems in the circulatory system, whether it is veins, arteries or the heart. When cholesterol (or proteins or phospholipids), as an emulsifying agent, is transporting damaged (oxidized) oils in the blood, serious damage occurs. The lining of the circulatory system is scarred. From there it is down hill, as the body attempts to cover and then repair the scar, but in the process you have plaque, occlusion, loss of flexibility, etc. It's a downward spiral. All from eating oxidized fats, whether monounsaturated like olive oil, or polyunsaturated like fish oil. Cholesterol is only a transport mechanism. It does no damage by itself. It takes the ruined oil to cause the damage.

AndroGel (testosterone) for Hypogonadism, Male: "I am 33 was tested and had low t my results were 39 which is extremely low. I started on androgel two pumps made me very aggressive and I would snap and get angry so I went to 1 pump in the morning my sex drive went through the roof :) . After 6 wks I was tested the results were 432 that was exciting I also gained 15pounds I use to weigh 140 now I'm staying between 150-156 I am stronger more energy can think better but I do have my days that suck it's all part of the test now not everyone is going to have results like mine so keep trying to find what it is that works also if your eating poorly that maybe the reason also try to eat healthy and workout"

Is testosterone propionate liver toxic

is testosterone propionate liver toxic


is testosterone propionate liver toxicis testosterone propionate liver toxicis testosterone propionate liver toxicis testosterone propionate liver toxicis testosterone propionate liver toxic